Coming back to learning UI/UX thanks to the lockdown


So I have been a member of this forum for a long time but haven’t posted in over 2 years!

So, I work as a freelance graphic designer and a couple of years ago I undertook this great course by Dr. David Travis, that I’m sure you’re familiar with: I then went on to take the Foundation User Experience exam…and passed! :smiley:

After that, life got a bit hectic. My graphic design work picked up suddenly, and I decided to move in with my boyfriend and do up our new home. So my plans for putting together a UX portfolio and apply for UI/UX design roles got put on the back burner.

Until now! Lockdown in the UK has started and my graphic design freelance work has dried up. I don’t want to waste this time I now have free, or get sucked into feeling low and unmotivated. So I think now is the right time to come back to my UI/UX learning again :smiley:

Is there anyone on the forum in the same or similar boat as me?

I’m also looking for live briefs to work on at the moment, as I know I will be more motivated to finish projects if they are in ‘real life’. I’m happy to work on them for free, and I’m sure I came across a website in the past which listed unpaid briefs, but I can’t remember what it was called…can anyone help jog my memory?

I hope you are all well and staying safe in the midst of this crisis! Good to reconnect with you all again!

All the best,


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Hi @jlang

Congrats on passing that foundation course on Udemy!

I’m also an advocate for life-long learning. Now is probably the perfect storm for packing in as much learning as possible while things are quiet.

Have you heard of UX Academy? It seems their intermediate UX courses are pretty good.
You can check out My ux academy dot com.

Was just reading one student story.

You could probably approach them for some live briefs to work on too.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Adrian, I’ll check them out!

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