Columbus, OH


Anyone have any connections in Cbus Ohio?


I’ll tweet the call out for you from @uxmastery if you like. Are you looking for someone to collaborate on something, or just to connect with?


Hawk, i am looking for someone to connect with and maybe network. I signed up at the local but there doesnt seem to be much activity. I applied for mentors there and two other boards but i have not gotten any responses.

Pie in the sky would be someone i could maybe shadow for a day.


Hi JC. I don’t know these guys at all (just found them via performing a web search) but they have a nice site, which is a start:

Might be worth reaching out to them to request a coffee chat to explain who you are, what you do, and what you’re looking for. I’d be surprised if they weren’t open to shadowing for a day or something like that, especially given they are currently hiring and you have tech skills. Not that you’re looking for a front-end dev role, but it’s worth having a chat.