College Choice

Hello. I’m a High School Senior wanting to purse a career in UX. The only school I found with an undergraduate degree is SCAD, but it will be 40k a year after scholarships. I have scholarship offers to other schools that will drop my cost to under 15k, but they don’t offer UX degree. What other degrees should I pursue if I opt not to go to SCAD but still wanting a UX career?

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Welcome to the community @spilrr55!

There are lots of other schools that offer degrees. :grinning: UX Degrees - A Global List of UX-related Bachelor & Master Degrees - UX Mastery

Look for degrees in HCI, Interaction Design, UX Design, Library Sciences, Industrial Design, Psychology (not clinical), or Communication.

Please reach out if you have other questions!

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@spilrr55 have you considered a UX bootcamp as opposed to a degree? Should be a lot more cost-effective, yet similar results if pursuing a UX Career. UX Academy is quite good.