Cognitive Psychology in Information Architecture


[SIZE=16px]What do information architecture and cognitive psychology have in common? There’s actually a fair deal of common ground between these two disciplines. Wrote an article that looks into this. Thought this might be useful to some of you:[/SIZE]

Good resources for learning practical psychology for design?

Hey @abinav – welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

That link doesn’t seem to be working for me, would you mind checking it out, it sounds like an interesting article.
Do you have a background in psychology and/or UX? I’d love to hear your story.


Hey @HAWK , Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. I hadn’t noticed that. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: Here’s the link - and I’ve also corrected it in the post above.

Yes, I have a background in both psychology and UX. It’s all self-acquired knowledge though, over 6 years of self-study and work. I started out as a part-time front-end developer in a large firm at the age of 16. Didn’t have such a great time there, of course :slight_smile: So I then went for an internship at a large software research and development center. That’s where I got introduced to UX. So, I started to really delve into everything like Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Centered Design, Digital Ethnography and Psychology. But then I had to leave the company(for good reasons) and freelance on my own. So I had to take on anything that came my way, which quickly took me back to my front-end development roots. But my real focus and expertise is on UX and I finally came to terms with myself last year that I’ll only be focusing on what I really love(i.e UX). That’s when I started Easy - a UX and CRO consultancy and we are a team of 5 full-time consultants now :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Sounds like you have lots to teach us. :slight_smile:
I’ll check out your article over the weekend.

Congratulations on the success of your business. You could probably add some valuable insight here.


Thanks! :slight_smile: I really hope to be able to do that and also learn from the community.

Would really appreciate your feedback on the article :slight_smile:

Thanks! It’s still not perfect and I’m working on it. Thanks for pointing that out. I just posted my thoughts there. Hope it helps :slight_smile:



The link you updated and shared still seems to be broken?
Checking on chrome for mac.


Same here. Just tried the link on Safari and it didn’t work. Sounds like a great article. Please re-post!


This article is along the same lines (a few years old now though). Cognitive Psychology & IA.