Cognitive bias and UX



Hi guys,

Just doing some research into Cognitive Bias, its pretty fascinating stuff. Has anyone come across this on their UX journey?

Here is a pretty good slideshare on how a good understanding of bias can be used to improve UX.


Good resources for learning practical psychology for design?

Love this stuff.
I use it a lot in my community management work.

If anyone wants to learn more about it for I’d highly recommend Coursera’s Social Psych course.
There isn’t one currently running, but I’d keep my eye out. It’s fantastic.

Edit: This article is interesting too:


Hi Hawk,

Thanks for the link.


@paddy, loved it, thanks for sharing, I believe we should all as UXers consider this mostly when we are empathizing. We have actually had a content page redesign and during the empathy sessions and journey mapping these discussions came up a lot.


Hi @ali_eslamifar

It’s great stuff, I’m doing some study in this area. I post any more relevant information as I come across it.
The work of Tversky and Kahneman classifying bias during in the 1970s is a really interesting area.



That’s awesome. Thanks @paddy.


I was chatting with Luke about this yesterday and he mentioned that Ruth Ellison did a fantastic talk at UX Australia last week which covered cognitive biases that can affect research.

@ruth1, do you have any articles or resources that you can recommend for further reading?


Thanks @HAWK! I’m about to head off to UX Singapore to do a similar talk, so if you’re in the region, feel free to come along :slight_smile:
Some interesting reads include:

Hope this helps!
Cheers Ruth


I wish! In good news, it looks like you’re also doing it at UXNZ, which I will be at!

Thanks for your reading suggestions. :slight_smile:


Hi @ruth

Thanks for the links really appreciate it.

You have probably seen this Ted Talk from Dan Ariely, very entertaining and insightful.

I’ve been listening to some podcasts from “you are not so smart” they really well presented and researched.


It’s a great talk isn’t it! I like his books as they’re easy to read.


I’ve picked up a copy of his book.

Our lecturer has also highly recommend these other two, will be adding them to my list.



Just been sent this link also very well explained list of biases.