Client wants to lock rotation to portrait


Client did not have website designed for mobile landscape (umm) and now wants to lock to portrait view while they design for landscape since the site looks like a jumbled mess in landscape currently. From what I can figure, the most elegant solution at this point is to display a message upon rotation rather than “locking to portrait” which I don’t even think can be universally supported. Does anyone have experience with this or feedback?


Hate to point out the obvious - but why not fix the responsiveness of the website?
Other solution could be to extend the viewport settings to include the landscape view in the portrait view. Difficult to give ideas without working page link.


Yes this would be the best solution - however, we are not in control of the design at all. They split the project between a design firm and development firm. Thanks for your input!


Got it. But it sounds like you might have at least some control over the coding? If so, extending the viewport settings should probably be easy. Anyways, hope you find a suitable solution.

I was doing some searches and this one seems promising:

Probably worth a try :slight_smile: