Classification of UX work based on simple, medium and complex screens


Classification of UX work based on simple, medium and complex screens. How can we define simple, medium and complex UX


@tyagimeenakshii I am a bit confused by your question.
What do you exactly mean with “screens” and how the screen size is related to the complexity of the experience?

I think, in a nutshell, that there’s one UX basically based on humans. What can be complex and/or easy is the relationship between humans and products.
For example a screen providing a login. The UX is always the same, give access to the product/service. What should be evaluated is the way how we are delivering such feature (one field, finger prints authentification, token etc) and how much our users are happy with it.


Thanks for the reply. My question is how can i classify the UX


or rather how can i define simple, medium and complex Ux


I will try to define simple, medium and complex task more than the full UX


please suggest something.


hi @tyagimeenakshii
I tried to summarize the concept in a sketch:

I hope my handwriting is readable :slight_smile:

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Thankyou. but the image cannot be loaded :frowning:


I can load the image. thanks a ton. :slight_smile:


Thankyou.This was helpful.


Agreed. It was absolutely fantastic. Well above and beyond the call of duty. Good on you @dopamino


Thanks for your words @HAWK
I like to think that UX is a continuous learning process. I believe that we can boost such process comparing and sharing our experiences with as many people as possible.


How can we do the estimate of a UX project (only visuals) functional area wise?


what do u mean with “estimate”?
Time and effort for instance?
How many people are involved in the execution?
In my experience it depends a lot which deliverables (card-sorting, user journeys, personas etc) are you going to provide.
I can’t give you a better answer :frowning:


Thanks @dopamino

This was effort estimation for only the visuals. I am done with it now.

Thanks once again :slight_smile:



I believe your question is about how to define the difficulty to develop the UI for a certain task right?

For instance, a Login screen would be a “simple” UI, while a map that shows contextual information about crimes, schools and which is the quickest and safest routes to the school also considering public transport would be a “complex” screen.

Is that right?