Christmas traditions


Who has crazy traditions in their family? For some reason we have this long standing tradition of going to the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies on Xmas eve (there have been so many of them that the tradition has been going on for years). I actually hate all of them, but I love looking at the NZ scenery. I usually fall asleep after about half an hour.

Do you guys have any traditions?


We used to do Lord of the Rings too!
We didn’t really have crazy traditions, more that we have to figure out which side of the family we are possibly spending the time with.
This year will be the first year the myself and my partner are just having Christmas by ourselves, as flight prices and getting time off has been a little crazy. Any suggestions on things to make Christmas fun when you aren’t surrounded by lots of others?


We’re actually heading down to your end of the country for Xmas Natalie. My boyfriend’s family are in Chch. We have the morning here in Auckland and fly to Chch in the afternoon to arrive in time for dinner.


Lord of the rings! Weirdos

Christmas for means going for a walk on the beach, its a must. Especially as the sun sets here as early as 4pm, and the rest of Christmas day is spent eating and drinking. So got to get in some exercise and fresh air early.

This year we will be in Sydney so walking on the beach will be at last warmer.


Haha, I can’t argue.

Hang on, what???


Yes Hawk, Ireland is so far North the days get quite short in Winter. However in Summer they are very long, attached is a photo I took outside my folks house on the longest day of the year… at midnight! P