Checking in



Calling all @Bookclub -ers! I’m touching base to see how you’re all going.

We’re deep into Week 2 and I’m really enjoying the book so far but the real value comes from sharing our thoughts, ideas and experiences.

What is working for you and what could we do differently to make it easier for you to participate?

I’d love your thoughts on:

  • the questions so far
  • the pace at which we’re going
  • anything that we could do to encourage you to share your ideas at bit more

And now I’m off to put my Kindle on charge.

p.s. You’ll notice that I’ve put a snazzy little badge on your avatars to indicate that you’re part of the team.


haha… I wondered what is that symbol.


Nice badge! :slight_smile:

Week 1 started at the same time as a major weekend conference I’d been preparing for (and still haven’t fully recovered from; blast you, difficult traveling schedule!). So, I’m obviously late on the book club but think I’ll be able to catch up with the pace pretty easily. Can speak to the questions better once I go through to answer them myself for Week 1 (and 2).


Nice badge! I like the chapter a week format and the questions have been pretty good and a helpful way for framing my thoughts. I think my biggest challenge is that I’m on the same chapter as the week and like this week I still need to finish chapter 2 because I’ve been working late on a project and I don’t have brain left to critically think when I get home ( so happy tomorrow is the weekend and I can hopefully catch up and get ahead) it might be helpful to have the next week’s questions up in advance so if you read ahead one chapter to start discussion on the first day of the new week you’d have them to focus thoughts as you were reading it.


I SOOOO feel you on this one. Hang in there!


Ok, hearing you. Perhaps what we should do is take a week off next week for people to catch up, and post the questions the week in advance starting then.

Do you think that might be helpful?


Ok @Bookclub
We’ll take a break this week so that people can catch up and get their thoughts down for weeks 1 and 2.

I’ll put up the Week 3 questions in a couple of days so that you have them to think on when we get stuck back in next week.


Sounds good. I’m out of town and will catch up soon.



Hi Sarah,

Thanks for checking in! I’ve been swamped at work, and overestimated how
much time I had for reading this past 2 weeks. I think if the pace slowed a
bit I could probably catch up…



So far chapters have been approx 35 pages.
Not sure if the get longer