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Hi everyone

I am new to these forums, but I hope to make some educative and fun conversations with other UX designers. :slight_smile:

I study Digital design in Denmark at Aarhus University. The educations allows for a variety of jobs related to digital design, but my ambition is to work as a user experience designer.

For that reason, I’ve made this website to showcase my work for when I’m going to find an internship position. And so far, my top four companies I wanted to enter have invited me for a job interview and one of them already has offered me an intership position.

But, I’ve really enjoyed making my website, and thought it could be fun to show it to other UX designers. Obviously, the website can be improved, so I was hoping maybe I could get some feedback from you guys. :slight_smile:

I spent a lot of time on making it! Time that was hard to find, but I am pretty satisfied with the result.

Thanks for your time.

The website:


@caglar_araz - You’re in the right place. I’m too new to offer any real feedback, but folks will be along shortly. :slight_smile:


@caglar_araz the link to case study from the home page seems broken


Fixed. Thanks! ^^

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Hey Caglar,

Impressive start man! Here are the things that stood out to me (I’m going to shoot straight here - feel free to take it or leave it):

  • First, I’d recommend Ditching the splash intro page with the “Enter website” button on it. I actually really like the image, and the tagline. I think they bring swagger, and personality to your site. But I’d suggest moving those two elements to the top of your homepage (and then just scroll to view the rest of your site). Having to click a button to enter a website would be an immediate negative in my mind if I were reviewing your portfolio for a UX role.
  • The video intro idea is awesome. Only observation I’d make would be that I’d love to see you smile more. Have fun with it. Showing a bit more energy, and personality in this intro video will go a long way towards setting you apart from the sea of resumes that a hiring manager will be sifting through. That said, if serious is your M.O. just stick with it, and be yourself.
  • I’d drop the word “Project” here just to keep everything aligned:
  • At this stage (internships) the story you tell is often the thing that will set you apart, and get you the gig. Like I said, I love that you have a video, but I think you could probably do more here. Something you might consider adding to the homepage is adding a bit more story. How are you unique? Why should I take a chance on you? What do you bring to the table? What are your interests? What are you passionate about?
  • The screenshot on your first portfolio piece is a bit fuzzy: Personally, I’d go with a clean, full resolution screenshot of the UI over a fuzzy action shot. After personality, and story, it’s all about your portfolio.
  • Rather than do a carousel action to show other images on click, I’d highly recommend just showing full resolution versions of the image that I clicked on (in a modal or even in a new screen if you have to). If I’m reviewing your portfolio I’m looking for the tiny details in your work. As is stands, there is no way for me to do this.

I can tell that you’ve put a ton of work into this. I think with a bit more polish you’ll be on your way to an internship. Best of luck!


Dear David

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Very well explained!

I’ve used many of your comments, and in time, I might do more (e.g. a new video).

Again, thanks a lot for your feedback.



It appears my post was flagged for some reason. I can’t seem to understand why. What do I do from here? :confused:


Strange! I have no idea why that was hidden. Sorry. Sorted now.


Thanks for your help. :innocent:


Looks great! Easy to read and understand :ok_hand: