Check-out Ideas

We are currently working on a check-out page redesign in the hopes to increase subscription conversions, and move consumers further down the funnel. We offer a 30-day Free Trial, but we do require a credit card + $1.00 authorization. The authorization is just to ensure the credit card is valid, and it seems to cut down on people signing up with different emails to get free reports.

With that said, we are moving to a two-step process:
Step 1 captures email address + create password (account creation)
Step 2 captures credit card information

I’m looking for some existing design ideas, verbiage, current websites that have a “creative/fun” credit card check-out page. Specifically I am looking for something to the affect of (paraphrasing) “We need your card to make sure you’re not a robot…” I remember seeing some before, but can’t really find any good examples. The goal of this type of copy would be to ease the CC requirement for the free trial.

Also, would love general thoughts on this type of messaging.