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Hi Folks… I’m gonna work with chat bot UX. I’m new to this one. Can any one have a reference link of chatbot standards? ?


Can you explain what you mean?

#3 is a cool (free) tool for chatbot prototyping. Just get started and you can get the gist of basic UI standards


Chatbots can be a great addition to UX, and in many different categories as well.Take a look at these chatbot use cases/best practices for the following categories: eCommerce, education, medical, food & drink, and finance apps. Enjoy!


I have just begun building some bots myself! I found this article from IBM to be a fantastic as a resource:

Here’s another:
(10 best practices)

Adding a distinct personality seems like a good general rule of thumb, but the right level depends on your branding and user base.
So far I love how much user feedback bots provide about their own design.


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I suggest you sign up for and have a look at the major Chatbot builders out there.

Amazon’s Lex, Google Dialog Flow, IBM Watson and Microsoft Luis

You can get a real sense of the usability considerations they all have to be aware of, and also the good and bad parts of the experience on each platform.



hey @paddy
thanks for sharing, I wasn’t aware of the

It looks promising


Yeah, i’ve spent quite some time using and comparing these products for my current role. Google is definitely one of the better User Experience offering., and easiest to get up and running with. It’s still limited in some ways compared to the others. Great fun to play around with.


Good recent article here.


We gathered guidelines, studies, and design processes from a lot of sources to make chat & voice bots in our innovation lab and for our company.
Here are these guidelines :

Hope it helps.



There is no Chat Bot protocol for you to work toward, so go with a well known companies guidelines, use some common sense and do your thing.

PS This has given me an idea for an app for those annoying chat bots, would be a total laugh to implement.