Chart showing a large matrix of data



I have created a spreadsheet showing how many of each type of user used a particular report in a specific period of time with 115 report pages and 13 user categories.

Any ideas of a pretty visualisation I could use to show all this?


hi @rachelreveley
I do love data visualisation.

Are u going to design a static one by using tools such illustrator, sketch etc or u want to create something interactive based on HTML and JS?

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:


You could definitely do both, but to me this feels like something that’s primed for a dynamic interactive data visualization.


It’s not going to be published anywhere public. It is for the consumption of the CIO, CSO and some product managers but I was wondering if there is something I can do oter than a grid in a spreadsheet.

You might be right though that as there are numerous columns of data, interaction may be the way to get the data out.


That’s a lot of info for anyone to consume. Is it worth synthesising some of it? What info would the CIO/CSO find useful? You could extract some key findings or cross sections and create a series of smaller visualisations to illustrate your findings?


Good point, we are focusing on 3 personas to start