Changing the way we filter products



Hey guys!

Lately while using a website, i came across a problem and tried to solve it. The doc doesn’t have much detail, but hope you get the idea.
It’s about including the excluding option while filtering.
Hope you get a better understanding after reading the doc.
Would love to know your feedback and suggestions.



Hey there,
I feel like I’ve seen something similar to what you’re suggesting, but I need to rack my brains to figure out where I saw it.


This reminds me of a post from a while ago, if I’m not mistaken?


Search within current category with the ability to put a - before the word would work for some.

I think it is fairly rare to want to exclude something as a filter as it is easy to scan pas the unwanted products unless they really dominate that sector. I think having a select all check box followed by unchecking what you don’t want would be fine for those cases.

I also hate sites that force you into filtering when you don’t want to for example, I want to buy clothes or toys for my 4 year old. I don’t want to restrict to boys/girls stuff only but often it is the only way to get to the products.


I see. Glad to know someone came up with this earlier. Would love to see how they have implemented the idea. I am too new to the community, wouldn’t have seen the article you guys are talking about!

It might seem rare, but i believe given the option to do such filtering on products, might change the
way users buy products.

What do you guys think?