Centered logo in header - good or bad?


Came across this article stating a centered logo may be a bad choice for websites.

I would like to hear from you all on this. Also, if you have any good examples of a logo centered in the header, please share with me.



@dopamino will have insight here.


I say take it case by case and test it! :grinning:


I would be inclined to say it always goes top left as this is where users expect it to be, the exception to this would be mobile and tablet sites where it can often be found at the top.
Along the same lines, you expect to find the search field top right.


hi @jkruessel
sorry for my belated answer.

I’ve some questions for you:
why you want to place the centered logo (ex. corporate design guidelines, SEO strategy etc)?
is the website responsive?
if yes, did u start with mobile first approach?
which UI elements do you display within the header?
how these elements react to the different viewports?