Categorising the sitemap


Hi there - I need to put together an initial sitemap for an interactive web-based game idea. The game starts with a video intro (which can be skipped) and then goes into the landing screen with 5 different options from there. My question is 1) How do I represent this intro video on my sitemap and 2) Is the landing page the Home screen (so 1.0 on the sitemap)? Many thanks for your help!


Hi ellewoos,
Welcome on board - interesting questions!

I googled wireframing splash screens and found quite a few images that should help. I know that you’re talking sitemaps, not wireframes, but it might be a good starting point if you’re stuck on graphically representing it.

I’d make the home screen the landing page, yes, and have the splash screen off to the side.

I’m going to call in some more experienced UXers to comment though. :slight_smile:


My gut feel is that a splash screen is a relic of a web that we left behind long ago. Couldn’t you just embed the video on the home page, and people can play it if they want, or just jump straight into the navigation if they don’t? I suspect a number of users will feel put out by seeing a splash screen that they have to click to skip …