Categories assignement based on rules


Hi there
I´m bringing today a tough issue which is causing me a huge headache.
I´m trying to design a solution to assign categories automatically to certain groups of foods.
These categories will be able to make the automatic assignment based on a huge set of available rules, based on parameters from this “foods”.

Based on this statements:

  • The main issue starts from the point that more than food can comply with more than one rule.
  • Since the categories will be customized, there is a big possibility that more than one category complies with one food, using different rules
  • I need to solve this potential issue where my “wished” category is more important than all the possible others that comply with the same food.

Hope I was clear enough, it was a bit difficult to explain

Kind regards


Hey there!
Fear not, we can help! We need a bit more information first. Can you give us some context? What is this for? How will the parameters be assigned?


Basically its to list a set of items and categorize them under custom categories. The parameters belongs to these items, and the categories will have rules based on those parameters.


Hey there,

Would you be able to give a specific example? Maybe there’s one food item that you’ve got a good plan for?


It seems that tags, also called Chips in Material Design would fit your scenario.


Are you saying that food can only have 1 category? I don’t understand. I work better with solid examples.

From a user point of view it is useful for products to belong in a number of categories. For example: I want a tin of baked beans do I look under tinned food or until beans and pulses or in the food cupboard category.


Is it that you want to show a product category on a product detail page?