Case study: Personalization (Feedback requested)



Hello there!

I’m new to this community, although I’ve known UX Mastery for a while already :smile:. I’m looking for feedback on the first case study I wrote. What could I have done differently/improve or what you are missing in the process.

All critics are much appreciated, I’m happy to answer any questions you have.


Welcome Sander. So glad you’re here. Thanks for jumping straight in.
I’ll check out your case study tomorrow and come back to you with feedback.


@HAWK Thanks in advance! I’m looking forward to your feedback.


Hey Sander.
Welcome to the community! I thought I would share some of my thoughts with your case study. I’m no expert so these are just purely my opinions/suggestions. Do with them as you wish :slight_smile: I am at work so I’m sorry if i dont get in depth enough.

I’ll try to break it down section by section so it doesn’t become a mess
Overall I like your writing, it is down to earth and not full of unnecessary jargon (I am guilty of doing this) so it’s pleasant to read.

Intro: I like the way you have defined the problem, it is clear and makes sense to me. TO make it super impressive, if you can, add some kind of stats or numbers as to how the problem was hurting the business? (i know this isnt always easy to obtain but if you do then great)

Goals: are great, easy to read and concise. Nice work

Proposal: Which I think is another way of saying Solution? I think this can either be cut down a little or maybe make use of some other examples of why this solution has worked for competitors or other notable case studies. I want to know why you think this solution is the best one - how did you come up with this idea? Stakeholder interviews? research articles? boss said he wants it that way? You know what I mean?

Design process and team: looks good to me I like the personalisation you bring in your writing :wink:

Since this was the ‘meat’ of your case study, I was hoping to see more in depth information here. It all seems a little general. Where did you draw these conclusions from? can you visually display this information because I am just reading your opinions and can’t see why/how you came to them.

Pain Points: you do a great job here explaining why you didn’t have certain information and that you relied on business decision maker’s experience. I think you could do a bit of personal research (like find case studies done on the same topic) and draw upon them to get some industry validation as well.

Solution: This area could do really well with some visuals. Sketches? Did you make journal notes? Whiteboard sessions? Whatever you can show because by this point I have just been reading and I want to ‘see’ something.

Design: Again, I want to see how you came to this design. So far I have been reading a lot and then suddenly I see a finished design. Any sketches? Any pics of you putting it together? You get me

Summary: I think you can maybe summarise it more? You repeat some of the sections above here

Some other notes:
I like the clean layout and font sizes. it was legible and clean. I don’t like the transitioning effect. When I was trying to read one part my eyes were drawn to the transition animation and then I lost my train of thought!
I dont know about others, but I dont think you need to write that this is your first case study so many times. It shows me you’re not too confident in yourself and takes away from the hard work you have done. But this is just my personal opinion again.

Hope that helps! And hey, I am looking for Dutch designer friends, I am aiming to move there next year let’s chat more and share ideas! :slight_smile:



Hey Sander,
Great work!

Super easy to read, clean layout, great font size etc.
It could do with a light edit for grammar.
I quite like the text animations but I suspect others may not and I question what they actually add here.
It would benefit from a few more illustrations, at present it’s a bit text heavy.

All up, I enjoyed it. Good thorough documentation.


I can see where you are coming from. Timed correctly they might not be a distraction.
Also micro-interactions and animations need to be part of the whole solution. What does this add for a prospective Senior designer or hiring manage who is hiring - IMO, it adds not much and in fact takes away from the great reading experience I was having. So i would add nothing else and keep it simple :slight_smile:

If it is necessary, maybe make it subtle so readers eyes are not diverted, take into consideration different screens and browsers will animate the text differently and different times/speeds. These little things make a massive difference when trying to get hired.



Thank you so much for taking your time to review my case study. You’ve really looked at all the aspects I wrote. You made me think about, and of course, that is great! I’m going to try to implement your feedback in the upcoming weeks.

When I’ve implemented your feedback, can I get back at you for another round so we can see if I’ve implemented the way you mentioned?

I will drop down on the animations, and only animate the images for example. After not looking at it for a week I now think I overdid it.

Awesome that you’re going to get to the Netherlands, any idea which city you want to move to? Let’s stay in touch!

Your words are much appreciated!

Thanks for your feedback! In my next update in the upcoming week I will try to do something/implement your feedback.


Of course my UX friend :slight_smile: I’ll send you a PM so we can keep in touch