CareerFoundry vs Bloc vs DesignLab

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First and foremost I just want everyone to know I do NOT work for CareerFoundry (as much as I’d love to), nor am I compensated in anyway for posting things like this. This is my honest current opinion as I work my way through the course.

Now onto the juicy stuff…

So far the CareerFoundry course and camp experience have been wonderful. My Mentor and Tutor are both wonderful people. Having access to a large of a community on Slack as I do also is a huge plus and a wonderful support system. I havent found really any issues or service interuptions being somewhat a beta tester for the course which shows the thoroughness of the team behind creating content for the course. I’m still early on in the course and have been going at a snails pace ( my fault) but I plan on ramping it up soon as I’m close to finishing the fundamentals portion of the course and moving to the full immersive part of the course.

CF has gone bat shit crazy on career prep and services as well as bolstering their team and resources for this and It has paid off. I see multiple people landing gigs, and tons of involvement with portfolio prep , resume prep, etc etc. They built a jobs board called Career Hub with their own students which I can’t even describe how awesome an idea that was also.

So if you made it to this point, you can come to the conclusion, things are great.

More updates to come when I have more info and experience.

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P.S I did this from my phone so I apologize for bad grammer.


Hi @CoolMike90. Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly and with details! I am glad to hear that things are going great for you so far. I look forward to hearing more about your experience and good luck. It sounds like a great program.

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Hi @CoolMike90-- would love to hear how you feel the CF program ended up from start to finish… I keep swinging from leaning towards one online program to another (and they keep changing and updating so much! Iteration in action!). I’m now leaning towards CF but haven’t found feedback on the newer model other than what you posted here. If you’re still around, would love to hear your experience! Thanks!


Same here. I’d like to hear from someone who’s gone through the new curriculum over at CF (or even most of it).

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Hi All,

if anyone is still active in this thread - what are your thoughts of UK job prospects for UX Design with a certificate from Careerfoundry and Designlab? I believe careerfoundry is based in Europe, would that be a better choice?


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CareerFoundry is based in Berlin. They offer a 6-month job guarantee, as I think DesignLab does too, but there are a lot of restrictions around both as to what that means. For example, you must look in cities with 200,000+ people, be willing to move, etc. Not sure if that helps…

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thanks @jdebari! have you heard of any particular feedback of either of them? their mentors etc? looking at designlab, they seem to have a lot more mentors with more experience and working at larger tech companies.

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Actually, both mentor recruiting processes are about the same. I wouldn’t say one is better than the other in that regard. I think CareerFoundry wants to be thought of as more international, which is why you see the common big names on DesignLab.

Depending upon where you are located (say US) it might be better to go with DesignLab. If you are non-US, I think CareerFoundry is more well known. But don’t quote me on that. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’ll have any regrets whichever one you choose. It really depends on the amount of effort you put in and using all of your resources.

Hope that helps!


Hi @jdebari - considering your experience with both CF and DesignLab - I wanted to know if you would recommend one over the other regarding UX Design courses they offer?

It is helpful - thank you.

Hi @kimhowell,
Let me know if you have other questions and I will try to answer. :slight_smile:

Hi all, Bloc Designer Track graduate here. Let me start out by saying that I graduated September of last year, it’s now May and I still haven’t found a job; and have experienced a series of rejections. That being said, Bloc teaches you an amazing amount of content in a relatively short amount of time. The mentorship was hands down the most positive thing for me.

I do have one very big issue though and it wasn’t made abundantly clear before signing up: upon completion you will not be provided with a certification… not even a PDF with your name saying you completed the course. When I inquired about this, I was told that I can now call myself a Bloc graduate on my resume. I’m not sure if this has changed since.

I was very disappointed in this for a number of reasons: one, this is one of the most expensive courses available. I expected to have something physical to hang on my wall at the very least after paying so much money. Two, I moved to Europe, and it seems to me, that certifications (especially degrees) hold a LOT more value here than experience does; in fact, I’m fairly certain I was passed up by some jobs without even a phone screen because of my lack of a bachelor’s degree.

My last interview left me feeling quite defeated and left me questioning my UX knowledge as I was hammered with all sorts of technical questions as well as who my “heroes” were in the world of UX and I wasn’t able to drop any names on the spot. I’m now considering going back to University to finish my degree. While I would in no way consider my time at Bloc a waste, I think the fact that some companies WILL pass up on your CV if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree is definitely something to be considered.

Some positives:

  • Their Slack environment is extremely helpful and participation by students and mentors, even directors is daily.

  • My experience with my mentor was positive. He was extremely knowledgeable and seemed to care about my success.

  • At the time of my enrollment, students received 2-3 practice projects, and then 2-3 actual projects to add to your portfolio.

  • You have lifetime access to your “roadmap” so you can easily research concepts or redo projects. You also have access to the Slack channels.

Some negatives:

  • No physical certification.

  • It’s expensive, although I think it’s gone down since I graduated.

  • If you have zero experience with frontend development, you WILL have a ton of trouble completing the Frontend course.

Take away: If I still lived in Seattle, I would hands down recommend Bloc. But now living in Europe, I kind of wish I just spent 3 years getting a degree instead.


Hi Everyone, just want to give my thoughts about CareerFoundry. I am based in US but want to move to Europe in the future for few years, that’s a part of the reason I choose CF. I did talk to both CF and UX Academy people before I made the decision. It didn’t start at a good note. First, I wanted to change my starting date so I messaged my student administrator Cicely, no answer at all, the message was not even read. So I email the person who I had contacted before sign up. She was really helpful and talk to her colleague(my student administrator, Cicely) and changed the date for me, at this point, still not heard from suppose my student administrator, actually, never. Later on, another student administrator Fairooz took over but Cicely still showing on my profile as my student administrator. I didn’t back out the program right there cuz I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Now I have been in the program for about a month and about to complete the fundamental part of the program. I found that as much as my mentor wants and willing to help, he doesn’t seem to be familiar with the material. My tutor though answers my questions regularly and approve my assignments on time, his feedback on the work looks very uniformly pre-write copy and past. I even got the same feedback on 2 different assignment although they are related but really? I don’t have many questions as right now since I am still on the fundamental part but I do concern about the future courses.


yikes… would be great to get a response from someone at CF…anyone on the board familiar with people who work there who could respond to @icnyc?


I know CareerFoundry is growing like crazy. They almost tripled in size last year so I am sure there are some kinks being worked out. I don’t know anyone personally there anymore…

Here’s the CEO’s email, Raffaela Rein,

Here is Anne Higgins email,, Senior Mentor Experience Specialist.


This was super helpful as I too am looking to start the DesignLab UX Academy. How do you like your job? Are you still with the same company?

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@bbdgtl and @icnyc, how are things now? I hope things have changed for the better for the both of you.

Hello! I’m new here, I just wanted to know if I’m based in UK which UX course would you recommend me, CF, Design Lab, Springboard and I find another that is from Ireland The UX Design Institute. Thanks!

You may want to look at this thread, UX Boot Camps (Bloc vs Designlab vs Springboard vs CareerFoundry).

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