CareerFoundry UX Design - number of portfolio pieces?

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Could anyone give me current info on how many portfolio pieces a student leaves with upon finishing Career Foundry’s UX Design program? The most recent info on this I can find is from 2016, and at that time I see that there was only 1 project (“Taskly”). I know they’ve reworked some of their curriculum though, so I wondered if they might now include more portfolio pieces? I’d also like to know if there’s any flexibility regarding the project(s) for the portfolio-- I see “Taskly” sample pieces in many student portfolios when I search, and I suppose I’d prefer to do something more unique…

Anyhow, I’ve reached out to CF but I’m impatient and haven’t heard back yet so thought I’d ask here too :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Going to bring Laura in on this to see if she can give a more accurate answer than mine but as far as im aware its 3 full case studies.


Thanks again @CoolMike90! :slight_smile:

Hi @hope_miller, if you could let us know here what CF says when they answer you that would be great! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @paulina_paprocka, I was able to talk to someone via chat today and got some clarification.

I’m going to quote directly from my exchange since there are still some things I’m not completely clear on.

“So you will be working on a minimum of 3 projects on the course. Each project can contain 3-5 portfolio pieces.”

"So does that equal to 5 complete case studies?
And is there flexibility on the projects? For example, I know that Taskly seems to be something that a lot of CF students end up with in their portfolios. I’m a little concerned about coming out of the program looking too templated. Would it be possible for me to adjust something about the projects so they’re not quite so identifiable? (even if it’s just the name of the app? i.e., change Taskly to another name)?

“On the Certified UX Design course you can choose from 4 projects. The Taskly project was on our older UX Design course.”

So I’m still a little unclear on the part where she says each project will have 3-5 portfolio pieces-- if anyone has more clarity there, I’d love to know. I followed up with another request to see some current examples of these new projects or student portfolio pieces based on them, but haven’t gotten a response on that yet.

They have a 7/31 cut-off date to get the program at their current rate before it goes up, so I hope to get a response on that soon.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much for the update @hope_miller. And yes it is a bit confusing indeed… I am also trying to figure out if I should sign up before July ends and all in all I think I will, but let’s keep each other updated here if we have any new important info!

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Hi @paulina_paprocka, I’ve had a lot of conversations with Sam at Career Foundry and have a better idea of what the new curriculum includes in terms of portfolio pieces and outcomes. She told me that they now have an initial overview project which will result in one portfolio piece from the initial Foundations part of the course; one full case study that’s very in-depth and results in several (5-6?) portfolio “pieces”-- which are the sections of the UX process, i.e. one piece is card sorting, one piece is mapping a userflow chart, etc. In addition, the specialization courses will yield a few more portfolio pieces/projects: you get 2 InVision portfolio pieces from the UI for UX designers specialization, one coded portfolio if you choose to to do the coding specialization course, or 3 skills from the Alexa course.

I’m still debating between CF and Designlab’s UX Academy program-- but the good news is they both seem pretty great! Hope this is helpful in your own decision-making :slight_smile:


@hope_miller thank you so much for this information, it is very helpful indeed. And yes, both courses do seem great!

I think I am going to go for CF in the end as I like their course structure more and their payment plan works better for me. Plus they are located in Germany and I live in Germany so their network here might be bigger than Designlab’s. As far as I know Designlab is mostly focused on US.

Thank you again for the useful info :slight_smile:

Best wishes

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@hellohope - have you decided on a track yet? I am currently choosing between CF + DL with a UI focus

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