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Hi All,

This site has been a beacon of light as I sift through all the online content and info :slight_smile: I am a Marketing Communications professional (Director level) at a state college with a background in marketing campaign creation, public relations, advertising, event planning, content/copy creation and serving as creative director on several projects. Interestingly, my interest in UX, UI stemmed from frustration over the lack of intuitive usability and function of our site. I have spent the past couple months reading and doing a lot of online research on transitioning to UX, UI and ready to begin seriously studying and practicing UX and UI in January. Over the course of the next year (much later in the year) I also plan on learning front end web development, to further deepen my knowledge, and improve my earning potential. I would greatly appreciate the feedback on the questions below:

Are there any online UX/UI bootcamp programs that you would recommend?

Is studying front end web development (HTML, CSS, Jquery, etc) valuable or overkill?

Any suggestions for transitioning from marketing to UX or UI?

Any suggestions for US cities to start my UX/UI career? I currently live in Florida but will relocate for the right opportunity.


Hi @Sasheika – welcome to the community. It’s so great to hear that we’ve been helpful for you so far.
I’m just jumping in to acknowledge your post. I’m on a deadline but will get back to you tomorrow if someone else doesn’t jump in with something brilliant in the mean time. :slight_smile:


I’ve reviewed a lot of online UX courses over the last couple of years. You can read them all here. I was incredibly impressed with the DesignLab offerings, but [URL=“”] is probably top of my list. UXMastery readers get a discount (discount code MASTERY30).

It’s valuable but not essential. A practical understanding of how a site is put together will be really helpful, but you don’t necessarily need to know how to write one yourself. If you have tonnes of time and motivation, then do it. Start with HTML & CSS – the building blocks. Treehouse, Codecademy and are good resources.

I imagine that you’re process driven, which will help. The key for me was studying some cognitive psychology – it gave me a real understanding of WHY these things are important.

On this, I’m afraid I can’t help. I’m a Kiwi – about as far away as possible. Let’s see what others jump in with.


Thanks for the reply @HAWK this was very helpful!