Career Change UX Newbie



Hey guys! I’m brand new to the UI/UX world and I’d like to get some helpful insight as to what my next steps should be! I recently graduated from university with a BA in economics, and realized my interests have changed and have now found a new calling! I have applied to a few web-design programs starting in the Fall, but my first question is, do you guys think I should complete a 1-2 year program in university/college or should I take some online courses that I can complete in 6 months?

My goal right now is to learn as much as possible about UI/UX in the shortest time-frame so that I can start my portfolio and start gaining some experience. Any tips, comments or advice? Thanks guys!



Hi Lucas,
Welcome to the community and good on you for jumping straight in.

This is a pretty common dilemma.

Have a read of this post, in which I’ve pulled together some answers to some common questions.

Regarding the degree question, here are a few discussions which might help with your decision.

Personally, I’d start with a few online courses until you figure out which areas of UX you like best. We have a pretty good list here, and have reviewed several of them here. We’re also in the process of putting together our own course which should be ready in the next month (I believe).