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Hello guys, so I got intership in one small startup. I thought I will work with older ux designers and develop my ux skills… problem is bescause I work alone and other ux design work only on contract, I don’t communicate with him at all. I’m really dissapointed with all this, what I should do? Keep working? Find another intership(any good site for that) or something else?
btw is true that ux alone(not ui) is only 1.5 years old?



Great work on getting an internship- that’s a really good start.

Ultimately I think it’s going to be what you make it - don’t stress and try not to over think it. Everything is an opportunity and it sounds like you’re doing everything you can to progress your career.

How long have you been there? Is your internship for a fixed term?

When you say that you don’t communicate with him - does that mean that you just don’t work directly with him? Does he work in the same building as you? Would it be possible for you to have more informal conversations with him? Like lunch or something? You can learn a lot just from talking to people - some of my biggest learning experiences and ‘ah-hah’ moments have come from talking to strangers at conferences over butterfly cakes (I’m looking at you Designing for Mobility, March 2014).

If it was me, I would stick with it. You never know what opportunities could come of it. My internship taught me a lot about branding and designing advertisements. Do I do that now? No, but it is part of the overall picture that is UX design and that knowledge helps me understand what my current supervisor is talking about when he’s building sites for a specific audience. It’s all connected :slight_smile:

I hope this helps, and if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Thanks for great tips! Currently I am located in Europe and this startup is from San Francisco, CEO said that he would like to bring me over there to USA in 1 or 2 years max. That would be awesome bescause if you want to be in top of IT industry you just need to be in SF. Anyway, I am here for like 10 days only, I plan to stick for 3 months at least and then speak with CEO more seriously about where this lead, if I see it’s not good for me I going to move on. I got one more problem with my confidence, in little more then 6 months I going to be 19 and I feel already old and like I have felling that my skills are not good enough for my age, some of you may laugh now :smiley:


Hahah you did make me laugh actually! :slight_smile: Don’t worry you’re not ‘old’ - I turn 28 next month and I still talk about what I’m going to do when I grow up!! :slight_smile:


Working in any startup is always going to be risky, by definition, regardless of location. If there was not a high degree of risk, it wouldn’t be a startup, it would be an established business. It sounds to me like this could be a great opportunity though.

if you want to be in top of IT industry you just need to be in SF

I don’t agree with this at all. There’s no denying that San Francisco is a city that is ripe with opportunity, support for startups, both socially and and financially. But there is opportunity everywhere, and there are individuals and organisations that are disrupting entire industries who are based in other cities and other countries the world over. It’s complete myth that you need to relocate to SF to be have a successful technology business.

It might be useful to consider what your goal is, other than “work at the top of the IT industry”. What industries are you interested in or passionate about? What kinds of people do you enjoy working with or helping? What do you hope to achieve, personally and professionally, from life? Do you aspire to work for yourself? Run a team? Have the freedom to choose which city you work from, and which hours you work? The answers to these questions may prove to be better guides for your big decisions than chasing some arbitrary “work at the top” dream.

in little more then 6 months I going to be 19 and I feel already old and like I have felling that my skills are not good enough for my age

It’s a good sign that you’re aware of yourself and keen to learn more. Keep a healthy balance between wanting to constantly learn, without letting it sap your confidence. Sure, you have stuff to learn. But I bet there’s a ton of stuff you’re really good at already. Back yourself sometimes—there’s only one person who can hold you back, and that’s you. So don’t let that happen.

btw is true that ux alone(not ui) is only 1.5 years old?

The term “user experience” was coined by Don Norman (author of The Design of Everyday Things) in the 1990s, and the term gathered momentum as a “movement” in the mid 2000s. Before that, there were certainly practitioners taking a more holistic approach to creating digital design, although they weren’t calling it “UX”. Likewise, the concept of iterative design and involving users in the design process is one practised by industrial designers for years—web designers were somewhat late to the party in adopting it more widely as “best practice”.

Hope that’s helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks for answers! I bought “GET STARTED IN UX THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO LAUNCHING A CAREER IN USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN” and started reading it, I think I started reading too much and not taking action enough.