Card Sorting techniques


I’ve just finished doing a Udemy course on Card Sorting. It went fairly deep into both the manual and online methods. I’m curious, how many of you do manual card sorts?


Great topic Hawk!

I’ve done really basic sorting between myself and a colleague, and am going to be doing online sorting for the companies wiki navigation for our UX style guide so that the devs can actually find things. The only reason this will be online is because of our spread out team, but I’ll be watching the people who are in my office complete it so I can see where they pause, or have difficulties etc.

I understand the differences, but am also curious about people’s preferences and why?


Great topic- funnily enough I’m working on an article on this very subject that will soon be published by Optimal Workshop!

Yes - I do manual card sorts! Either just by myself at my desk when I’m solving a problem or with users to determine content groupings prior to building an IA and then testing in Treejack.