Card Sorting Study Question

Hi folks! I’ve been asking to execute my first card sorting project and am trying to grapple with creating the strategy to execute it.

Basically, I have a menu with my current product (A) and that is the focus of the card sort.

  • However, eventually another product (B) is going to be integrated into my current one.
  • And someday after that, a third product (C) will also be integrated into my product.

Each of these integrations will influence the menu content/structure I’ve been asked to work on now, but it’s not clear at this time what content from those products (B+C) would be added to my current menu (A).

My team wants to do the card sorting study now. Does this mean that I will have to repeatedly conduct a card sort on the same menu (just continuously updating it after each study) with each integration? Meaning:

  • Conduct the initial card sort and update menu for product A.
  • Then when the product B integration happens, conduct another sort with the known relevant items from BOTH product A and B; update menu again
  • Then when the product C integration happens, conduct another sort with the items from A, B, and C; update menu again?

Maybe this is just the normal state of affairs for you more experienced folks, but this feels complex to me as a first IA project so I need a sanity check!