Card sort thoughts, working with client

I am working with a client on a freelance project at the moment and they are doing a site overhaul. They want to completely rework the site structure and information architecture. At this stage in the process, I have recommended doing a card sort exercise with their content and keywords to help get a sense of how users might want the navigation to be structured.

My struggle is that my client sees the actual card-sort process as overwhelming and does not think users will do it. We are using Optimal Sort which is a pretty well-known platform in this community. I currently have 23 cards and have simplified the card titles once but he would like to do multiple rounds where particip[ants are shown 7-8 cards at a time and then go through the process again with them. Has anyone ever successfully done this or would have advice for me?

I’ve tried explaining how a card-sort is not a test of usability and that all good products require research efforts… Here is the link to the preview of the study to see what I have created so far.
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Thank you all for your time.

Hey there,
You didn’t add the link. :slight_smile:

In my experience people are fascinated by card sorts and really enjoy doing them. Does the client have anything to base their opinion on or are they making assumptions?

Thanks @HAWK I think the client is making some assumptions. But it does take some time to do a card sort and seeing the list of 20+ cards can be intimidating. So I do understand where they are coming from.