Car wheel for an application


is this good to use a car wheel for configuration functions of an application?


hi @sigraphics, can you ask your question in more details? Do you mean to use a car wheel icon instead of a gear icon for configuration menu?


Hi Armen,

Thanks for the reply. I can explain you what I’m looking for.

Im working on a web application, for build an car inventory. For that, I have created a graphics with a dashboard of a car along with steering wheel. The options are placed around the steering wheel. For example, user can select their expected Make, Model, Year, and Trim options from the steering wheel. So a user can build their search inventory through this steering wheel. I think this is a new kind of User Experience and interaction. What I’m trying to say is, is this interaction will work for the end user perspective?? I mean, is this approach will easy for the user or is this make complex??

Awaiting on your valuable responds.



Oh I see now, I guess it might be a good idea, the only problem might be with implementation. Do you have any prototypes or screens?


Yes, I have the prototype and the screens designs, but due to the confidentiality of this project I can’t share much more data over here. It is under development. But here I’m sharing you the concept that I have created for the wheel with options. Please check the attachment and suggest.

Thank you.


I am sorry but I can find no attachment. Can you provide a link to it?