Capturing Metrics for Different Dialog Layouts


Hi. We are discussing the pros and cons of various designs for a software dialog, and wondered how best to capture the differences between the different designs, in terms of how intuitive and easy to use they are. What would be really useful is to capture a metric for each design, so we could rank them in order of how easy they are to use. Thanks very much for any advice.


Hey Mark,
What format are the designs in?


Hi. They are currently just mock-ups in PowerPoint.


is it worth mapping out each design on some kind of chart, maybe an impact vs effort matrix like this ? Then you can visualise and compare which design gives best bang for buck


Thanks, that would be helpful. Ideally, it would be good to combine this sort of approach with a scoring system that would allow us to to weight certain aspects of a design.


in that case, maybe look at a variation of the system usability scale (SUS). Basically a series of statements/scoring criteria where you go through each design and score each design aspect against your scoring criteria.


That might be what I am looking for.Thanks very much, I’ll look into this.