We have been asked to introduce captcha if a user gets their password wrong 3 times. I am trying to find some articles/useful stuff to back up my reasoning to not have one, but also need to put forward some alternatives.

Can anyone help please?


You might have read some of these, but hopefully these may help

  1. Killing the CAPTCHA for better UX

  2. This answer from here:

The typical honeypot CAPTCHA field has a proper label: “If you are a human, do not fill in this field.” or some other clear label telling the user what it is.

And, as such, a screen reader should read it just fine.

If you’re looking for true usability and accessibility, however, then realize any sort of CAPTCHA is a detriment. It’s putting the burden on the site user rather than site owner.

Of course, that’s often a tradeoff that has to be done for pragmatic reasons.

  1. Some websites just automatically jump to “Forgot your password?” screen after X number of failed attempts. This is a great UX strategy.

  2. My definitive guide to why CAPTCHA sucks


Thank you for this, sorry for the delay in reading it’s all been a bit manic!


Check this captcha which I found over twitter, which is interesting and simple.


I wonder if they’ve self coded this, looks really nice!


Self coded ??


Not a plugin like the google recaptcha


Ohh, yes I think it’s not a plugin. and google re-captcha is fair enough.