Can You Help Me With A Brief Product Development Survey?

I’m starting my UX education and part of this particular course is to go through a UX process for, in my case, two potential new products. I need to do some brief surveys in order to begin to understand my potential user base.

If you shop at least once a week at a grocery store, would you be so kind as to take 5 minutes or less on

Tomorrow’s Shopping Cart Survey

If you use “apps” (applications) on your mobile phone or tablet and like to travel, could you possibly take 5 minutes or less on

[Digital Postcard Survey]

I don’t have any vested interest in your answers so I encourage you to answer honestly, you won’t hurt my feelings!

Doing both surveys is for over achievers only but I appreciate any time you can spare - thanks everyone!

I’ve done them both.

That shopping idea is a brilliant one! I’d definitely use that.

@HAWK Oh, I always knew you were the overachiever type, ha ha! Thanks so much!

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Hi Steve, more than happy to chip in. I’ve done both and will be fascinated to hear more about how you go!

@Lukcha Oh ANOTHER overachiever - haha, thanks SO much Lukcha, I really appreciate it! And yes, I will try and keep everyone informed of how this goes

We’re very competitive in this company. You should read the debate between Matt and Luke some time.*
Put up some more surveys and we’ll have a race! :wink:

*Yuk, I need to edit the markup in that topic.

@Lukcha - I’m not seeing your input, this is the first time I’ve used Google forms - I don’t know what the issue is, yech!

Not sure. Both definitely submitted. =)

@Lukcha - I just got another result from the shopping cart survey, don’t know if it’s yours, maybe Google just takes its time to update the results, but @HAWK 's results came in very quick

@Lukcha - yep just got a second input on digital postcard, definitely yours - so thanks again!

Done both, great ideas. I especially liked the shopping cart. Two things I was thinking about were: Keep focused on user pains to resolve in the specific context. I´ve done some indoor eyetracking in supermarket´s and I´d recommend you to spend a day there only observing the people. It´ll give you a new view on the topic. There are also bunch of researches regarding supermarket design and technologies.
You may also contact DFKI in Germany who do research on supermarket navigation.

There are some supermarkets who even builded up test stores to check all kind of technologies;
I´d have to check which ones but check that out and search contact with those guys

Best regards and keep on going :slight_smile:


Happy to answer too. One comment is be very careful in asking if someone would do something, what people say and what they do aren’t the same thing. Everybody wants to portray a better version of themselves.

There is a well documented case from Walmart that explains this -


@georg_koehler @Dean Thanks so much guys for taking the time to fill out the survey. After I’ve closed out the survey I’ll come back to this post with more specific comments but for right now I just wanted to acknowledge the supportive community here on UX Mastery and wish you all a great day!

Done and Done :slight_smile:

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Oh wonderful @natalie_eustace1 thank you very very much!

So much good advice in this topic.

This! And sometimes people don’t actually realise what they do. They tell you what they think they do (or what they wish they do).