Can someone help me understand what am I suppose to do in the assignment?



The way I’m interpretting is customizing the characters like weapon, armors, equipment. but my friend said that wasn’t what they were asking for and she said something about choosing different characters when you start the game or something like choosing character customizations, and username and stuff.

I was suppose to choose 1 out of 4 games. I chose a game called Injustice 2.

I’m confused with the assignment

**A player can select from various choices to represent themselves in the game. **

**You’re a designer on this project and you’re asked to design a new profile feature for this game where players can find information about their gameplay and access to small amount of customization. Secondary goal is access to non-gameplay related features like Settings and Help. **

A visual representation of the player in the game
a) A player can select from various choices to represent themselves in the game
** i. Design/render of these assets are not necessary, please use stock imagery or clip art as placeholder**
b) Player’s username

Gameplay related stats (The particular stats chosen are not significant to the design and can be treated interchangeably)
a) Number of wins
b) Total time played
c) Game completion stats in percentage

Call to actions
a) Button to close the menu
b) Button to access “Settings” (You do not need to create a Settings screen)
c) Button to access “Help” (You do not need to create a Help screen)


I agree that it could be either.

If I were you, I’d ask. Can you get in touch with your teacher/tutor and get clarification? If you were my student I’d see that as a strength, not a weakness.


I agree with @HAWK. The question is ambiguous, and the right thing to do here is ask for clarification. Learning when to ask for help-- and how to do it-- is a skill that will serve you well, and there’s no time better than the present to learn.

Edit: I can totally spell the word “right”.


Yes I do agree it’s ambiguous. This is actually for a job application… unfortunately I dont have a teacher to ask for help…


Even more important then IMO.

If I was an employer I’d want to know that you were clear on the brief before going down the wrong path on my time. And who knows – the ambiguous brief may be part of the test.


you are right.


Once again agreeing with @HAWK. Asking here does not show a lack of understanding where one should exist, it shows that you’re asking for clarification on business requirements for a work project. Seeking clarifying information is hugely important for our profession, especially as we deal with a number of competing business units and clarity is often lacking in any case.


I actually did understand and my gamer friends helped me digest the information a bit better. Apparently I was on the right track on my part, but my friend who is in UX and is also nongamer steered me into the wrong directions and I was just confused for the most part.

I asked my friend who works in the gaming industry along with two other friends they all said my wireframe was on the right track. I just needed to follow the aesthetics of the game.

The question on the assignment was a bit vague but I understand it now and I have shown a few of my gamer friends and they all understood my wireframe.