Can I help?


I’ve been doing UX for 15 years but I’m still learning and I believe when one teaches, two learn. If I can help you as a mentor please ask.

Here is a starter


Now that has made my day! Someone that signs up to a community with an offer of help is every Community Manager’s dream. Thanks so much David. :slight_smile:
It just so happens that I had an email a few minutes ago from a guy that said he had signed up to find a mentor. I’ll send him your way.


Agreed, thanks so much David! In the mean time, I’ve asked the Thirst boys to remove the banner ads in the sidebar of our UXmas site, which should fix the “overlapping quote” on the article of yours linked there. :frowning: I’ll hit them up again to get that sorted!


Hey David - I’m looking for a mentor. I’m based in Melbourne and I’d love to speak with you some more about this. My background is pretty diverse - visual arts, film production, startups, customer success - and I’m currently in a UX role that’s going well, but I so much to learn. Can we chat sometime? - Tim


Yay! We’ve made a match. My work here is done. :wink:


Hi David - is your offer still standing? I would love to talk to you and hear your career advice. My background is in marketing in b2b financial services and am recently made a career change into UX. I’m moving to Sydney this summer (used to live in the UK and now am in Berlin). Please let me know how you prefer to be contacted. Thank you so much in advance! - Jolly


Sorry Jolly, didn’t see your message. I’m in Melbourne but happy to help via email. Look me up on LinkedIn or @daviduxs


Tim and Jolly, great to catch up at UX Australia and funny that we happened to all meet at the same time.