Can anyone recommend some idea for the portfolio?



or suggest some non-profit project website?
really short of idea now :sweat:


Put this date in your diary. Our next Slack live chat session is with @Louise and the topic is exactly this – finding projects for your portfolio!

I’ll be posting up the session details early next week.


hi @kyk05252133 how’s it going?

“Some ideas for your portfolio”

Do you know who your target/employer will be for your portfolio?

eg. research, design, IA, iXD and in what type of company? Ecommerce, fintech, publishing or education?

Let’s niche down on this :wink:

Warmly, Louise


So excited about answering all questions on this much-discussed subject.




hi, thx for the reply.
i saw most of the job title on the market is ui/ux designer. i think that 's mostly focus on the user interface?
that’s no so many company hire designer. mostly are the agencies.
i just no idea what to start the portfolio . find a company page then redesign it or imagine one…


Hi @kyk05252133 I’m curious, what have you done, that’s worked for you so far?


Hi thx for the reply
At the moment I have a project from web dev. It s kind of the ecommerce site.but the lecture not.really into the design…so I plan to improve it…
And that’s only I have. So I just wanna ask what should I include in the portfolio. App or web or even some motion…well that I need to learn some AE.
My original plan is redesign some sites…but don’t know is suitable or not…


@kyk05252133. Great - use the web dev project you are working on as a case study.
I started my UX career in e-commerce.

Use the STAR method to document your process.

S=Start (define problem)
T=Tasks (what research you need to do to inform the design - to fix problem)
A=Action (what you did/What happened as a result of the actions you took?/What you would do differently or improve?)

I hope that helps.


@Louise Thanks for sharing STAR method its really very impressive.


thx for the reply.
but it is the fake project…is that OK to use the imagination on the portfolio:sweat:?
btw this is the project description.
Shoes Site:
Your client has asked that you create a website for ‘Barry’s Shoes’ high end shoe
Your client has asked that you create a website for XXXX Motors car showroom. this is the other one.
i plan to put both into the portfolio.