Calling all UX Experts/Masters: Need feedback on Cloudways 2.0 (new website and platform)

Cloudways is totally rebranded from the ground. We’ve updated our website, and platform.

We are looking for feedback about our new website design, its responsiveness and also the UX.

Please check the Cloudways website and provide your feedback, We will improve it.

Here is Cloudways Website:

hi @wajid_hussain
first of all good luck with your new website!
I’m pretty sure that you will receive more useful feedback if you will ask precise questions about what do you really care in terms of design and ux in general.
Of course some data (ex personas, benchmarks, KPIs etc) will help people here to give you suggestion based on your user cases.

Anyway I reached the website via my mobile phone (iPhone 6s with 4g connection) and I experienced:

  • a very slow page rendering 4.66 sec (IMO for a cloud service company is not the best presentation)
  • I do like the look&feel in general
  • I do like the green coloro for the main CTA
  • I was confused by the chat/contact tool popped up at the end of the rendering