Calculator Survey



Hi everyone,

I have a survey about calculators and would be delighted if you could help me fill it out if you have a few moments. It should only take a minute, a quick and short survey!

Calculator Survey

Feedback is welcomed.




You’re to kind, thank you!


Done! I found I entered very similar answers for qns 3 and 7.


Done :slight_smile:


Thanks for that feedback Luke! I thought so myself, however, the responses are coming in as expected. They should be written more clearly, like:

  1. “In what instances do you find you need to use a calculator?”

  2. “What is the purpose you use a calculator over another tool or method?”

Thoughts? Any other suggestions?


Thank you very much @annabelle_andre :wave:


That makes more sense to me. I think I answered the same thing for both because I didn’t quite pick up on this subtlety.