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Hi All

So much has been said abo ut button colour. We work in the iGaming arena and sites have become really high level. But we always think that the colour of buttons which are supposed to drive action are wrong.

See image - This is the button on one of our sites. I will share it if people want to see the button in context.


The button is bad. Any suggestions on colours and why


That feels like an awfully broad question. Can you give more information about why it’s bad? Maybe that will help.


We are revamping a site and its our belief that the current use of green and blue for buttons is not drawing the attention of the users. The main aim of the site is to move users through to converting sites.

The owner of the site is adamant that green is for go. We think the buttons should change colour, to gold or something more engaging. The site itself has so many UX issues, but one thing at a time.


Okay. I have no data to back this up, but I agree that green is a good color for the go button. I think that gold sounds nice for the other one. HOWEVER

It is my understanding that good UX requires data and not a gut feeling. How about you create a mock-up of buttons with different options and then conduct a poll of your users to see which one they prefer.

That’s one idea, but I know there must be other options. Let’s see what folks come up with.


Re the UI… the buttons have equal prominence. Which is the primary CTA? Make the primary CTA stand out more. Green or orange are pretty standard and well recognized progression button colours so a good choice. Colour in itself likely wont affect your click through that much though.

Re the UX, people might not be clicking for any number of reasons. I would run some usability tests and dig deeper into why they’re not clicking otherwise it’s all just guess work.


The site is not great. Can I link to it here.


Sure. Or you could try a screenshot.


I know it looks bad, but it get a lot of traffic. We need to help keep the visitors and get then to click the claim button. Converstion page here


So which button is the primary call to action? You are presenting users with 2 actions to take, colour doesn’t make much of a difference here because the text within the buttons play a bigger role.

You should be focusing on getting the user to take a primary action and not have to think about which button is the best option, this will lead to cognitive load and most likely frustration (what happened to me just now)
Do they both even need to be buttons? Maybe one is a button and one is a text link, for example. In that case you can keep the button green and not worry about colour theory at all.
Or, have the primary button green, or whatever colour, and the second button outlined or ‘ghost’.

Read about call to actions and information scent here:

Hope that helps.


thank you Ari

I’m going to make changes today !


“one is a text link” is also a button at the end in my opinion. :slight_smile:


About 6 years ago the stats/UX research person where I worked, did some research on button colours. Apparently Orange was generally the best performing colour according to articles online but he quite rightly did some tests and found that on our site, the best colour was green.

The lesson, test it for yourself. You might find that Barbie Pink works wonderfully.

What I would say is that it is not obvious which of the two buttons is the one you want users to click.