Business Cards in transition


So on the subject of business cards, if I’ve been practicing UI design but am looking to make that UX transition, should my current batch of business cards thus say UX Designer, or does it remain Web/UI Designer? Is that a bit presumptuous and do we start getting into job-title inflation? The way I’m looking at it is to list the job I want to do, but as my exegesis in the portfolio thread stated, I’m not quite “there” yet, if you catch my meaning.

(trying to squeeze in a batch for Moo’s current spring sale that expires tomorrow!)


I’d do it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Someone could offer you some UX work. Sweet!


Are you in a Job now?
Try to learn some methods, go into some courses read this forum and put what you learn in to practice wherever you can … then you can shift step by step to be an UX Designer.
It´s a mindset you need to integrate into your daily work …
If you are not in a job do the HCI Coursera Course or the udemy David Travis course …

When you sell your work be aware that lot´s of people think about UI Design when they hire UX Designer. If you want to put UX DEsigner on your card be sure to make the difference and communicate the value of real user integration in the project. Mostly practicing UX means that you also need to work hard in communication of UX practices.
You don´t need to know everything in a first step … start with classics like U-tests, Reviews or Context Interviews … afterwards there´ll be a lot more.

Put it on your card, have fun and start communicating UX values :slight_smile:


Yes, put it on your card. For the reasons Hawk and Georg spelled out. You may not feel like you’re “there” yet, but have confidence in what you have learned so far and the value you can bring to a project.


Thanks folks. She’s a done deal and I should get them in about a week!