Business Analysts have been doing UX and UI since biblical times, the need for UX designers?

Now this might just be my experience, but why would anybody higher a Technical Business Analyst who cant do UX/UI and incorporate that in the BusReq doc, SysDec doc, SysTest doc, UAT doc (utilising a standard, but not limited Watefall metholodology?)?

To me its like saying we now new GANT chart operators as PM’s are capable to drawing a Gant chart (which can be a very fine skill to be fair).

I also wonder if its because I come larger organisations and projects, 150k people in a region, $30m web applications (not APP) etc.

I also dont understand the need for Agile, but that might be because Ive done 5 different PM Methologies and imo the best one is Waterfall run at a RAD Iterative speed. For me Agile reminds me of Itil. A bureaucracy methodology aimed at making jobs not solving problems. Perhaps thats a bit harsh but I do find Agile just a rehash of methologies that can be run in hybrid to be as or more effective. And the naming convention thing, cringe. Needed more thought before ratifying the methodology imo.

Anyway, so lets saw you are a BA and you have been given a UX designer at your disposal, how do you bring in their work in an iteration. ie BRD 1.1.1 “XYZ”, I presume you would use he use case for the UI design as the title and then its function as the BRD so 1.1.1 can be sys developed, sys tested, UAT all using the same numbers.

having been the person putting the wire framing into my projects and the business analyst, thats generally what I do. But Ive never seen a UX Designer in Coprorate Land, but I suspect the way the role is getting its own flavour I may well soon.

Have any PMs, BAs, etc had experience having a UX resource assigned? And do you manage the project iteration and requirements as above?

Also what if you disagree with the UX designer, given they are doing what use to be your job, its bound to happen?

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I’ve never worked at a place where the BA also does UX/UI. That’s 3 jobs in one?

Have you looked at a job board to see if these jobs still exist? The closest role I’ve seen is a UX analyst, which is quite specialist. Is this more the sort of role you were looking to get into?

When I have worked with PMs/BAs in the past, we would have regular reviews/demos. If there were any challenges or differences of opinion, they would be discussed as a group and usually the role of a product owner/PM to decide the best course of action.

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What size are the applications you are developing? Is this 3 different organisations.

UX/UI design is a function of eliciting business requirements. Hence why BA’s get confused when they see people doing the fun (and usually easiest) part of Tehnical Business Analysis.

I’ve worked on my fair share of applications ranging from large to small, across several different sized companies/agencies/clients. And in my experience, for most of the projects I’ve worked on, there usually were separate BA, UX and UI resource. These job functions are easily large enough to warrant a separate job each. And in my opinion, the larger the application, the more need for separate resource. One person doing everything would lead to constant bottlenecks, especially within agile methodology.

That’s just my experience. In your market/industry, it could be different? It also depends on the company you end up working for. Some companies could well be structured the way you used to work, but you might find that you need to adapt a little to the current work climate. The best thing to do is check the job boards regularly to keep your finger on the pulse.

Are you referring to wireframing? If so, then UX is much more than just wireframing!

Interesting. yeah job boards are about 3:1 BA to UX

UX and UI design is the function of Business Anaysis, its how UX evolved. Business analysts use UX use cases to build the usabilty and UI use cases to build the looks and feel, these are tied into busines requirement numbers, so from that point they can be used for system testing, system development, user acceptance testing etc, so BR 1.1.1 “Background RGB is ###”. This means regardless of where the requirement goes its tracked.

It depends on the persons capability to do all those roles. It didnt bottle neck me as I would push out an iteration weekly. The key is having good relationships with the Business Owners and the Systems Analyst.

I think as long as the UX designer has some SDLC bacground and understands the bigger picture, thats all that matters. I think my worry is people learning how to develop web pages and then getting the basics of UX from this, then gaining a job as a UX designer, could water down the quality of system development.

The SDLC methodology doesn’t matter, AGILE is ok, but honestly if you hybrid Waterfall with RAD, its basically the same intention as AGILE which is getting iterations out there timely.

Likewise id enjoy doing the fun part of BA which is UX./UI, so Im kind of 50/50 on whether I think its a good thing.

There are a million ways to complete a project these days. At some point I hope somebody sees the disparity between so many roles and how organizations use them.

I tend to find building very heavy code based web systems the most fun. For example a use case: Run Kw Ph report. Now that Use Case, pulls data from multiple databases and displays as a PDF.Being able to pump out complex business requirements like that weekly is stressful but challenging. Managing those projects and being the BA and UX designer and basically the everything person is simply because the company has found somebody who can fill that role given that they get a lot of bang for buck. The UX and UI is done in a different way to how strictly UX Design roles.Even in less complex systems UX and Ui is handled differently as its a requirement and part of an iteration.

Im not at the point where I can call myself strictly a UX Designer, despite having done this role for 15 years. I need to get my head around how the process works,in comparison to SDLC.

This is kind of how its worked for decades.

Another guys tips for UX for BAs

Here we go, a little provocative haha. The reality is UX Design is no threat to replacing the BA role. But it may make an unnecessary extra role. Where do we stop in splitting job roles?