Bridging the gap between User Experience and Marketing



Hi everyone! I just started a new position at a company, and I’m really loving it. I like the people, the culture, etc.

I work for HPN - a supplement company. They have a lot of marketing-style websites. Over the past few days, I have sat down with the marketing coordinator, and gone through the websites. Apparently, the sales for these are doing fantastic, but the sites themselves seem to be full of dark patterns. For example, you can’t click the escape hatch, social media logos, etc. because it’s to prevent you from leaving the page. All they want you to do is make a sale.

See the following website:

My task this week is to design a page for this product that is a free trial. I want to start moving in the direction of some of our competitors:

I would love some feedback or insight in this particular area. I’m kind of navigating through uncharted territory and would love some tips from someone who’s been there. Apologies if this thread is in the wrong area. =)


It wasn’t obvious what NAD was or what it is used for until I clicked the existing customer button and saw some quotes. I wouldn’t have clicked that as a real, new customer. I would move those to a central location on the home page.