Breaking in


I’m new to the UX community and am looking for as much advice and insight I can get my hands on. Currently I’m looking for a mentor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Is anyone interested or have any advice on where to find someone willing to help?


Hello and Welcome! :slight_smile:

This is a very good place to start! I don’t live anywhere near there (I live in Australia) so I can’t help you there but what I can tell you is that this community is a fantastic place to get advice on all things UX!

Definitely get yourself a mentor, but feel free to ask any questions you may have of this community! :slight_smile:



Welcome, JBoDesign!

The UXPA seem to be active in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so you should definitely get along to one of their meetups. Events like this are the best place to get to know who’s who and potentially meet someone who might make a good mentor for you.

There’s an IxDA chapter as well, but they seem to have gone quiet of late. It looks like there are [URL=“”]plenty of other community events that could be worth checking out too…