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So you’re brand new to UX, huh? You probably have heaps of questions! No problem, we have answers.

Below are some of our most popular resources, discussions, and support contacts.

We really welcome your questions, but we would appreciate it if you’d read through the links below first.
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Getting Started in UX

How to Get Started in UX Design – the article and animated whiteboard video
Get Started in UX – our most popular ebook
Top tips from the community – our best advice for people that are new to UX


What kind of education do I need? A degree? A bootcamp? Online courses?
Which bootcamp is best? Here are some reviews of the most popular ones.
Is there a list of online courses? Yes! Here is our list, along with reviews of the ones we’ve taken.


Some advice on building a portfolio
10 examples of inspiring UX portfolios (and why they are)

Ready to get started?

Yay! The first thing to do is tell us your deepest darkest secrets

Is that possible self-taught?
Getting into UX design (Newbie)
UI and UX for career Shifters
Information that will change our lives!
Want to move in UX
How to start learning UX

Did you just sign up recently? I have a question for you
New to UX (career change)

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