BRAND NEW PORTFOLIO -- Just went live!



I just launched my UX Portfolio! Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you!


FYI, your link to OK YAKI returns 404’d, and Slaughter Que still shows as under construction.


thank you. I knew about the slaughter que.

I wonder why Ok YAKI was showing 404?

Anyways, thanks again.


URLs are (or at least can be) case-sensitive. You have your page coded to go to This is not the same as, which is the correct URL where your design lives.

To avoid SEO, accessibility, and usability concerns, it’s best to never use capital letters in your URL.


Thanks for sharing the knowledge with me. Much appreciated. I’ll make sure to change that ASAP.


Hey Tom,
It’s a beautifully executed site. Do a quick English edit (preforming != performing).

I’d also remove the case studies that aren’t yet good to go. Nothing is more frustrating than an ‘under construction’.

Nicely documented case studies. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback @HAWK, I’ll be sure to make those changes :slight_smile:


I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to chime in. I agree with Hawk, your portfolio looks mighty fine to me.