Bounce Rate Counter?

Hi everyone…

Want to ask a little topic surrounding bounce rate… Does it matters/important for a page to consist at least a single CTA so that user doesn’t bounce back to the previous page? If so, do every page need to have a CTA?


I try to think about where a user might want to go after completing whatever they were doing on the current page.

For news, media and e-commerce sites, this tends to be contextual recommendations.

If you are building a more process-driven site that people have to use, such as an HR system, then maybe when a page is completed, there is no next step within the site, and that’s fine, but user journey mapping should always be a part of the process, and part of that is thinking, “what next?”

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got your point… thanks for the advice!! :smile:

For your information, I’m working on a customer website, so is it okay if a page don’t have a CTA or action to do what’s next?

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Having at least one call-to-action (CTA) on a page can be important to prevent visitors from quickly bouncing back to the previous page. It depends on the type of page and its purpose, though. Some types of pages, such as homepage and landing pages, should almost always have an offer or CTA that encourages visitors to take the next step. Other types of pages, such as blog posts and product pages, may not need a CTA if they are already prompting the user to take an action.

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