Bootstrap Kits for Mobile Apps


My Client kept on insisting the using bootstrap UI kit for a iOS/Android Mobile App Mock up. I politely tried to explain to him that now a days, we have iOS and Android/Material Design kits for mobile app development for xd/FIGMA tools. But he insisted to use exact buttons/placeholders almost everything like mentioned in the kit. Upon some modifications to screen size (iPhone 8), the Client kept asking to use the kit in exact same manner.

Though he shared some short tutorials clips with me, which basically helps in designing responsive websites into mobile first view. Now with above text you might have the idea that client wasn’t aware of difference between app mock up and mobile first responsive website mock-up.

Now that client thing a side, I wanted to ask you guys your opinion, that should we use bootstrap kits for mobile app development at all, given that we have nice iOS/Material and even Windows UI kits?

I have not found any discussion on it on any forum yet, if you can share your opinion and links to similar discussion, I will be very thankful to you.

Just to be on same page with every reader, the max text size recommended to be used in any functional element/instances on iOS/Android kits is 14, and the Minimum size of Bootstrap kit is 16.