Bootcamp a great success or a failliure for your career?



Hello all,

For already a while I’m trying to enter the UX field as a junior or Intern, however so far my background didn’t match enough or the positions were given already. In order to strengthen my portfolio and improve my chances of being hired I signed up for a design bootcamp:

The website looks pretty solid, I passed all tests and I can actually start the program, however I’m wondering if companies are indeed interested in graduates from programmes like these, or if it is a guaranteed failure as you show them you can’t teach yourself enough?

What is your opinion on programmes like these, and especially with a job guarantee?


Hi Marten,
I’m not familiar with this program in specific, though you might want to check some reviews and their job guarantee details, which seems to be applicable to Netherlands.

In general though, to answer your question about design bootcamps, I do think they can be useful for those getting started as they give you some guidance in order to improve your portfolio and learn by actually doing it (working on real projects). That being said, it’s certainly not the only way (and in my opinion, it shouldn’t stop there - depending on your background and experience, this should be the beginning of your journey), but practising your skills and work on projects which highlight your process and impact, is essential. I also don’t think the certifications are the issue (from my experience I was never once asked for UX specific certification), it’s whether you’re able to show you can do the actual work. I’ve read an interesting article recently about this topic as well.


Taking a boot camp is fine. In my many years of experience, no one has ever said “why didn’t you learn that on your own.” Also, taking a boot camp will give you structure to you learning, which is very helpful compared to learning on your own.

I haven’t heard of this one before, but I would definitely check out the review sites like AnaSantos said.

There are some typos on the site, but it could just be the English translation.


Thank you Ana, this is a helpful comment!



I did a bootcamp course in London last year, I found it really worthwhile.

Started in August 17, finished in October 17 and was lucky enough to have two offers to choose from in early February 18. The thing you are really paying for here is the portfolio pieces, especially if you get to work with a business on a project, as this is what all the employers I interviewed with wanted to know about.

Like AnaSantos has said, finishing these courses are just a start on the learning journey.

Not sure about Amsterdam but in London the market is saturated with Juniors looking for their first role. You meet loads of people who are making career changes at meetups etc. I personally would be quite skeptical about any job guarantees a course offers. A lot of the time the companies that offer these courses will consider you doing a short 2 week freelance gig for a startup as you successfully being placed in a job. When really you should be looking for a longer term role to learn and grow as a junior.

Almost everyone in my course (18 people) was in a role as of around May/June 18. So my advice to anyone considering a career change is to be prepared for a potentially long period of job search and the frustrations and challenges that this brings. But its worthwhile once you land that job:)

Anyway, all the best mate


Hello Greg,

Thank you so much for sharing this story! You once more display here that hard work payoff. And yea, the same is the case in Amsterdam, bootcamps are popping out like crazy, and seems like everyone is going for the career change these days. Though it gives good hope that all the 18 of your bootcamp find a job eventually!

And the one thing I learned so far is don’t settle in for a mediocre job, but search longer for the one that suits your needs.

Thanks once more and I’ll hope in February I can say the same!