Book club?


i’ve just finished reading Lean UX. My first book i read in UX was The Lean Startup - i would start there, then onto the Business Model Generation.


Ok, looks like there’s a few of us so let’s nail down the book.

Anyone else keen on this?

Other suggestions?


I’d like to read this one. I even already have it on my bookshelf.


Love the idea! Unfortunately I don’t have a book suggestion though.


I’m kind of feeling “Lean UX” to be honest.


Happy to get this book if possible.

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Oh man, this is an awesome idea! And just in time, as I had started researching design books to read this summer and was still in the not-quite-sure-where-to-start phase.

If you don’t mind having someone new to design in the group, I’m totally in. :blush: I’d love to hear perspectives from more experienced designers in the group.


@docBOOM - I’m completely new to the group and the topic. Everyone has been friendly, welcoming and helpful. Bring it!


Great Idea!


Update: @Lukcha has a few excellent book ideas also.
He’s going to throw them into the mix here when he gets a chance, and then we’ll run a poll to pick which one to review first.

If we get enough takers we’ll approach the publisher and see if we can get a discount.


I love all the book suggestions so far. :slight_smile: I’ve added some more to the UX Canon booklist we’ve been building here:

A couple of other suggestions I think would be appropriate for this group:


I’m just going to buy all of these through Audible and crush them in like two weeks LOL

Just kidding, i’d like to show case them on my bookshelf.

But seriously what phenomenal list @Lukcha !



Haha! Yes! So many great books to learn from, and I really do enjoy my bookshelf. :nerd:


Ok, I’ve started a poll. We’ll run it for a week and then get stuck in.

Vote for your book choice here.


@HAWK Count me in please :slight_smile:


Hey all. Love this idea, count me in!


Make sure you all vote in the poll so we can choose a book.

I’m on holiday next week and as soon as I get back I’ll kick into gear and we can get started.

I’m stoked that so many of you are keen.:slight_smile:


Thank you for the great idea!

It’s going to be especially helpful for those of us who, like me, are currently living in an area where there aren’t many opportunities to talk to other UXers about UX topics. I’m very much looking forward to this. :slight_smile:


Cool. I’ll chat with Luke tomorrow and we’ll kick this off.

The poll comes in with Don Norman’s “The Design of Everyday Things” as a clear winner.