Book club?

Would anyone be keen on the idea of a book club where we select a book, read it over x weeks, and discuss learnings etc?


Superb Idea @HAWK.
I’m up for this :smiley:


I’m down for that.

Have to see how easy it is to get hold of though :slight_smile:

Fair point.

I’m open to book suggestions – I don’t have anything in mind, I just thought this might be a good way to get myself motivated to read something through to the end. :wink:

I’m the opposite, i can’t move onto the next book unless i’ve finished it! Even if it’s adding no value, I always think… but i might miss something!

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I’ve been wanting to be part of an online bookclub for years! Having a space to bounce thinking and get additional perspectives in the content helps me understand and retain the ideas more effectively.

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Ok, looks like this could be a go.

Does anyone have a book that they’re keen on giving a go?

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You guys could start with the utmost simple and timeless master piece in our field which I think is considered a staple…

The Design of Everyday things by Don Norman

My tutor recommends this to each of his new students starting out in UX.

If jumping off the topic of UX and into the topic of something else like success … Think and Grow Rich, Wealth Secrets of the One percent are also phenomenal. Tony Robbins also has some very inspirational and solid books for those seeking life improvement.


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Yes, I would! Off the top of my head, i am interested in reading Lean UX, The Elements of User Experience and About Face. Don Norman’s and Steve Krug’s books were my first reads in this area and were great for a beginner like me. I also read The Seven Sins of Memory years ago and want to reread it soon.

i’ve just finished reading Lean UX. My first book i read in UX was The Lean Startup - i would start there, then onto the Business Model Generation.

Ok, looks like there’s a few of us so let’s nail down the book.

Anyone else keen on this?

Other suggestions?

I’d like to read this one. I even already have it on my bookshelf.


Love the idea! Unfortunately I don’t have a book suggestion though.

I’m kind of feeling “Lean UX” to be honest.


Happy to get this book if possible.

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Oh man, this is an awesome idea! And just in time, as I had started researching design books to read this summer and was still in the not-quite-sure-where-to-start phase.

If you don’t mind having someone new to design in the group, I’m totally in. :blush: I’d love to hear perspectives from more experienced designers in the group.

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@docBOOM - I’m completely new to the group and the topic. Everyone has been friendly, welcoming and helpful. Bring it!


Great Idea!

Update: @Lukcha has a few excellent book ideas also.
He’s going to throw them into the mix here when he gets a chance, and then we’ll run a poll to pick which one to review first.

If we get enough takers we’ll approach the publisher and see if we can get a discount.