Book Club – the poll


Hey all,
We’ve been discussing the idea of a Book Club. We choose a book, read it, and then share questions, thoughts and ideas.

This poll is to decide which book to go with first. Please vote.

  • The Design of Everyday Things – Don Norman
  • Think and Grow Rich, Wealth Secrets of the One Percent – Sam Wilkin
  • Lean UX – Geoff Gothelf
  • About Face – Alan Cooper
  • The Elements of User Experience – Jesse James Garrett
  • The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  • Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman
  • Design for the Real World – Victor Papanek
  • Design for Real Life – Eric Meyer & Sara Wachter Boettcher
  • Subject to Change – the Adaptive Path crew
  • Creativity Inc – Ed Catmull
  • UX for Lean Startups – Laura Klein
  • Storytelling for User Experience – Whitney Quesenbery & Kevin Brooks
  • The Inmates are Running the Asylum – Alan Cooper

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What a list!


That list is insane.

I just finished Wealth Secrets of the One Percent. That book is insane on the amount of detail it goes into and I would suggest an Audible download as the guy who narrates the book is phenomenal and hilarious.


True, @CoolMike90 - it makes it much easier to digest a book when the author or narrator is entertaining and approachable. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear for others reading this thread, ‘Wealth Secrets’ is not about UX or design practice, but it might appeal to those people looking to defeat market competition or chart a trajectory to personal superwealth.


If you voted in the poll, here’s what you need to know.