Book Club – Let's get this show on the road


The results are in and Don Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things won by a landslide.

I think it’s the perfect book to kick off our inaugural book club.

Because it’s a few years old and is no longer distributed directly by the publisher we probably can’t cut a deal, but the ebook is available for ~$13.

Next steps:

  • Let’s get a show of hands. Who’s in?
  • I’ll put together a document with some timeframes, structure etc.

I think we need this to be relaxed enough that it doesn’t put us under pressure, but structured enough that we get value from it. Does anyone have thoughts around how we structure this that they want to throw into the mix?

Book Club – the poll
Information that will change our lives!

I’m in.


I’m in!
This has me motivated to finish the entire book :slight_smile:

I don’t know how book clubs are usually structured, but here are some ideas I thought of.
Maybe we could write a short paragraph about the book covering these points:

  • Key takeaways
  • Favorites (quotes, chapters, incidents, etc)
  • Discussion points


I’m in as well!

Hmm, so it looks like each chapter averages ~40-50 pages (some slightly higher, some slightly lower). The typography/font size makes it look like there’s potential for each chapter to be a quicker read than anticipated, though.

Maybe we could give people some time to sign up and secure their books (e.g., 2 weeks) and then organize things according to content? I’m sure some chapters will include topics that will warrant much more discussion than some other chapters. I’m thinking the more experienced UXers could help identify those; alternatively, we as a group can agree to read chapter X by a certain date and then decide from there how we’d like to divide up the discussion.

To break up the monotony, perhaps individual people (or pairs, mini-teams, etc.) can claim a chapter and facilitate discussion of them, based on individual interest. I also like @enlightened_06’s suggestion to identify some elements a priori and then post our responses to those each time we return for discussion.


Count me in !


im in. i have the newest edition of the book already.


I’m in! Will this be forum, email or slack based?!


I think it’s going to be here.


Awesome! It will be here on the forums in this dedicated section.

All the details on how it will work are here.


Interesting! I’m in. :slight_smile:


Me too!


Count me in :slight_smile:


Brilliant! Jump in and say hi here.


Great idea!! Count me in!