Book/article sections


Hi guys,

I am actually missing a book/article section.

Something like … hey I read a great book I want to recommend it.
This section could even have subentries regarding specific topics

  • Lean
  • Mobile
  • UX Process
  • Overviews
  • Innovation

In our area there are lots of bookworms and with every book/article you read you win more knowledge and additional perscpectives for your word.
I love this stuff … maybe you too … so we should share it :slight_smile:

Best regards


I see where you’re going with this Georg, and I like it, but… how would you feel about a sticky thread in an existing forum, rather than an entire new forum? That way we stay relatively lean and uncomplicated, at least in the short to medium term. If it becomes a super popular and unwieldy thread, we could expand into a sub-forum. Would that suit your purpose?



for me thats absolutely ok for the beginning. I would miss a little bit of structure in a sticky thread but it is reasonable to try it our in a first step.
The problem I had when I had this idea was that I couldn´t imagine where I would search for such an entry.

Maybe it shouldn´t even be called book´s but “learning sources”. There you could create a structure integrading already existing posts in your formum related to topics
For example

Topic: Strategic User Experience

  • Online Courses
  • Books
  • Blogs/Blog entries
  • Experts to follow
  • Sources to be checked
  • Q & A

WE are all here to learn … to build up knowledge … exchanging it with other experts or learners.
This way I could constructively focus on topics I am interested in or which I want to build up …

Don´t know if this would work … at least I want to communicate the idea



So we already have this thread, which is a pretty good start. Is this the kind of thing that you had in mind (forgetting the lack of structure for now)?
If it is, I could stick that and we could build it up and see where it goes.


Thank you for passing the link.

It is a basic post where we can interchange interesting reads, so it´s a start.
I don´t know why it is in the “Water cooler” section because I see actually a direct connection to UX …

Maybe when there is a bunch of posts where it could make sense to create an overview post.
What I am also missing are two sentences of why specific books are recommended.
Also cool blog posts and the other sources I mentioned above are not part of this post.

Anyway, I enjoy reading the post and others too so let´s keep on sharing insights :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ve made it sticky.

I’m happy to move it but I’m not sure where and it probably doesn’t really matter, since I suspect people will still see it.

Your addition to that thread is awesome btw. Thanks!